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Hello and welcome to our “Cat section”

Dr. Joe Accardi loves animals and he is a strong believer in pet therapy (or animal-assisted therapy). He is also crazy about cats and his 4 year old Siamese cat Jasper clearly considers himself a “head” of the family 🙂
Our cat Jasper

Our cat Jasper

Maria Accardi is a trained veterinarian, so this section of Consulting Health is all about cat health:

Cat Health

In this section we will post feline veterinary resources and some general information on cat care and nursing.

Cat Health

Find data on feline medications and information on alternative treatments where appropriate.

Learn what signs and symptoms to look out for and consult us for advice on anything you find that worries you.

We will try to cover everything from psychological to physical health, from kitten care to geriatric longevity, coat and skin care, grooming, exercise and nutrition.

You can ask Maria’s advice on neutering, worming, vaccinations, flea treatments, grooming, and many common health issues – please specify “For Maria” in the subject section of our contact form.


->  Facts and Figures

1. General Facts about Cats

2. 10 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves You


-> Health IssuesHow healthy is your cat?

1. Feline Diseases

2. Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs

3. 7 Good Reasons to Have Your Cat Spayed or Neutered

4. The Physical Exam…What To Expect

5. Help! I’ve Got a Pregnant Cat!


-> Cat Behaviour:

1. How To Stop Your Cat Scratching Your Furniture – Forever!

2. Nervous Cats, Wining the Trust of a Timid Cat.


-> Nutrition

1. Cats Are Different

2. Obesity in Cats

3. Stop! Don’t Give Your Cat That Chocolate!



Vaccinations are a very important part of caring for your cat. Vaccinations prevent the spread of diseases and are an easy way to protect your cat against some painful, debilitating and often fatal diseases, including FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and Feline Leukaemia.