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What Happens In a Therapy Session?

What Happens In a Therapy Session?

Drum roll please! Congratulations, you have decided that the time to change your life has arrived. No more low self-esteem, problem relationships, or feeling out of control. You have made the decision to take charge of your life, to shake things up, to change. You are going to begin therapy.

You have found a psychotherapist, psyched yourself up, and are ready to begin, or so you think. Butterflies begin to set in. Questions arise. Is this something you really want to do?

Are you really ready to open up your life up to someone you don’t even know? What will they think of you? What if therapy doesn’t help? It’s all new and maybe even a bit embarrassing. You may ask yourself, “What have I done?”

Take a deep breath and relax, as you prepare yourself for your first time in psychotherapy it is quite normal to wonder what the experience will be like. And there are plenty of examples to draw upon. From the comical to the serious, we’ve all heard or seen depictions of characters being involved in therapy. It is a favorite topic of many stand-up comedians, interview shows, and other venues. How close to reality are they? Let’s take a look.