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How to Choose a Psychotherapist

There was a time when the lonely rancher would find a life partner using a mail order bride service. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not. Today few of us would seek out a partner using this method. Yet, due to a stigma associated with mental health, we rarely ask friends or acquaintances for recommendations, instead, like that lonely rancher, we are turning to the internet, the modern version of mail order service. Ironically, according to recent research findings, many clients choose therapists primarily based on attractiveness and trustworthiness of their faces.

The world of psychotherapy can often seem mysterious. You have to choose a person to share most intimate details of your life, details that you probably don’t share with your partner, friends, and relatives. Can you trust a therapist? Absolutely! All licensed psychotherapists and psychologists are bound by professional and legal regulations and everything you share is strictly confidential. And let me assure you that in almost every instance you will encounter genuinely caring people whose focus is helping you become a better person.

Yet, when choosing a therapist you should make sure that you are absolutely comfortable with this person. The process of psychotherapy creates a unique relationship between yourself and your psychotherapist. A relationship that is sometimes identified as a therapeutic relationship.

Again, you may confide in your psychotherapist things you would not tell even your best friend. Hurtful, even toxic events and people that have left an indelible mark on your life. What kind of person do you want to make this journey of therapy with? This is what we will explore in this article.